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Custom Facials Services

Wow! Your journey to glowing and healthier skin. 

New skin new confidence!

Facials with Nurse Practitioner Taylor Lacroix 'Bozeman's elite skin care provider'

Treat yourself to any of our elite facials which range from customized, classic, or medical grade. All facials include cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration. All facials can be tailored to your specific skincare needs and concerns. 

Treating yourself to regular facials is essential to maintain beautiful, healthy and glowing skin. When your skin is properly cared for the normal rate of skin cell turnover will occur. This translates to softer, more even skin tone with less breakouts and fights against ageing. 

Facial treatments and Pricing

45 Minute - Custom Facial - From $130 

Relax and enjoy a custom facial that uses products and techniques catered to your exact skin care needs. This can include melasma, scarring, acne, wrinkles, to name a few. 

45 Minute - Dermaplane facial - From $120 

This is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that removes the uppermost layers of your skin. This helps enhance the effectiveness of your skin care products and renew your skin's surface. Dermaplanning will help reduce the appearance of acne scarring or other skin imperfections by revealing newer and undamaged skin. 

30 Minute Facial plus a 15 Minute LED Light treatment - $160

Different colors of LED lights target specific skin care needs. LED light reduces inflammation, promotes collagen production, eliminates skin bacteria, and is helpful for promoting younger looking skin by diminishing the signs of ageing. 


Why choose NP Taylor for your spa or medical facial.

NP Taylor has been in healthcare and the cosmetic industry for over 20 plus years.  She has studied at the top education facilities in the United States. Unlike estheticians, NP Taylor can not only provide you with a relaxing and active treatment she can also diagnose, prescribe, and treat. 

NP Taylor has the knowledge back by science to meet your skin care needs and get you looking your best. NP Taylor believes every person should be able to have beautiful skin. Schedule your appointment with Taylor today and experience difference.

Treatment Description and Care


The mask is kept refrigerated. A thin layer is applied to the skin to help soothe, hydrate and lessen redness. This is a very gentle mask.

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