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Fruit Exfoliating Peel

Destination Illumination

Exfoliating peel

Illumination Fruit Exfoliating and Brightening Peel

Excellent for post any micro needling skin treatment.

It’s a mini miracle!

This is a fruit acid peel mask that will dramatically renew your skin’s vibrance delivering you instantly smoothed texture in just one use. You will also experience amped-up brightening for divine illumination.


Why you will love it:

The results in texture, smoothness, and tone are very incredible. You will look vibrant and healthy. There is an ingredient included in this mask that provides a flushed look to the skin, plus, it will work to loosen dead cells revealing fresh and smooth skin just by applying the mask on the surface of your skin. You will notice your skin feeling silky like never before!



Post treatment

On its own

Per Session



Treatment Description and Care


This mask is a professional strength fruit acid peel mask with a blend of naturally occurring fruit acids from papaya, organically grown in the United States (U.S.). U.S. grown blackberry and aronia fruits and U.S grown fermented lemon and pomegranate actives.

This mask is not for sensitive skin and not for immediate after treatment use.

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