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Which Neuromodulator Xeomin versus Botox which treatment is Best For Your Body?

Updated: Oct 25, 2023


Despite what you may think, not all toxins are the same and they do not even provide the same outcome for your wrinkles. For many women and men BOTOX® is the name that is used to refer to all types of neuromodulators injections and people are sometimes unsure of what type of toxin was used in previous treatments. It can be hard to know which to choose, Xeomin versus botox injections.

NOT all neurotoxins are the same.

What makes Xeomin® unique?

Xeomin anti-wrinkle injections are the first clinically proven uniquely purified neuromodulator that is indicated for the temporary improvement of moderate to severe wrinkles and is FDA approved for the glabellar lines in adults. What makes Xeomin different to Botox injections is all unnecessary proteins have been removed from the toxin which makes it different in ways that matter to many people.


Xeomin is very precisely purified and manufactured in Germany using an advanced technology known as XTRACT technology ™ in which isolates the therapeutic component used in Xeomin. Botulinum serotype A is the active ingredient in Xeomin® and Merz, the company that manufactures Xeomin, has all the complexing completely unnecessary proteins removed in which the outcome is Xeomin. All complexing/unnecessary proteins that are found in neurotoxins do not have an active role in the neurotoxin treatment itself. Furthermore, studies have not yet determined whether these complexing/unnecessary proteins have a long-term effect on efficacy or safety.


When you eat food most of us pay attention to what we are putting into our mouths. Even these days with beauty products many people pay attention to what is in the product going into our skin. Xeomin injections are being injected into your skin and the muscles. When using a neuromodulator do you really want all the extra additives that are found in BOTOX going into your skin and muscles? That is something to consider when getting your next wrinkle treatment using a toxin.


It makes sense that a neuromodulator injection that is purer will be better off for you and your body. For people that have experienced extra swelling with Botox or redness in the past it is possible your body has reacted to additives in the product. Also, some people over the years feel like they have built up a tolerance to Botox. When you think about it, technically you can have a tolerance to just about anything you eat or put on your skin. My thoughts are the combination of continual use and the additional preservatives your body can start to build a tolerance to the product. I know for me; I do daily cardio and weight exercises and for about the past 10 years Botox® no longer has the same effect. In fact, I went back and gave it a go and only 6 weeks later I required further injections. This can get very costly.


Not every medical spa or clinic uses XEOMIN but, I can guarantee you that here at Northern Lights Beauty and Health we do use Xeomin injections with great prices. I am committed to providing you with the best possible neuromodulator injections treatment to help you achieve your results. It is my promise to you that I will care for your needs as if they were my own. So, if you travel to Bozeman, MT or live in Bozeman, MT or even Big Sky, MT and you are looking for BOTOX injections treatment give Northern Light Beauty and Health a call today and I will look after you.

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